The Bocq Railway is operated by the nonprofit association Patrimoine Ferroviaire et Tourisme (Rail Heritage and Tourism) since 1992, permitting to discover the charms of a beautiful valley between Ciney and Bauche (Yvoir).
Built from 1890 to 1907, closed to passenger’s traffic in 1960 and goods traffic in 1983, the line was reactivated by passionate volunteers. Today, the trains of this picturesque branch line welcome tourists throughout the summer.
From Ciney, the tracks follow the famous "line of Luxembourg" until Braibant. Further, it leaves the plateau of Condroz and literally sinks, with a steep slope (16 mm / m) and an impressive trench in the Bocq valley, affluent of the Meuse River. After the Sovet station, at the valley bottom, the first collection point for C.I.B.E. (Intermunicipal Company of Brussels water distribution) can be seen. Few miles more and the railway line passes by a stone viaduct, the village of Senenne. Then the railway skirts the channeled part of the Bocq by marrying the meandering river. A last curve and the train arrives at Spontin, where two old Mitropas cars serve as reception center. After a stop of some minutes, he continues his route and crosses the hill through a tunnel more than 500 meters long. At the end of the tunnel, he runs along the bottling plant of the Spontin sources. Two kilometers further, the tracks run along the remains of a lime kiln, before arriving, a little bit further, at the Dorinne-Durnal station. This is where begins the most spectacular part of the line up to Purnode ... A two kilometer section of not fewer than three tunnels and five viaducts; a nature breathtaking! The rest of the line is gradually restored by the Volunteers. We reach now Evrehailles-Bauche.


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